About Me

My name is Andrew Wolniak.

          Some of you may know me as “pwntbywombat” “awolniak” or…the guy with the Holset 2.8T V6


I have been modifying cars to get more power out of them for over 10 years now. It is something that I very much enjoy doing. While not professionally, I have been working with Bosch based ECUs for many years. Focusing mainly on GM Bosch platforms with first hand tuning experience with MED9 (Camaro/Cobalt) and ME9 (Saab/Cadillac/Opel). With first hand experience working with late model SIDI/MPFI GM code bases like E39/E39A/E78, the Bosch EDC17 controllers E86/E86A, and many more! Tuning experience is not just limited to GM; I have been working with VAG ME[D] 7/9/17 and EDC16/17 platforms that include the 2.0TFSI w/ValveLift, 1.8T 5v, 2.0CR Diesel, 1.9/2.0PD Diesel, and even the 5.0PD V10 Diesel!


This is my first attempt at a e-commerce website so….yeah, go easy on me :-p

Click on the contact me page for more info on contacting me directly if you have questions about my products, services, etc!